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Cosmetology No. CL1285805       |       Facial Specialist No. FB9782049

Hello, my name is Amy. 🙂

I studied in the licensing cosmetology program during my high school years.

My interest in makeup sparked my interest in beauty at a young age. And the facial aspect of it always piqued my interest more than hair and nails. My self-esteem lowered when I began to develop hormonal/inflamed acne. (Skin issues do not define your beauty, remember that!) I visited a dermatologist several times over the years, but nothing seemed to work long term, only temporarily.

Soon after graduating from high school, I decided to pursue a career in Medical Esthetics.

During hands-on practice, the results and improvement of my skin were incredible, thanks to a combination of consistent use of professional products and corrective treatments.

My ambition is to assist and heal ALL skin types of ALL ages (especially teens who may struggle like I did).

This is our only skin, so take care of it and enjoy it!

Next time you think of beautiful don't forget to count yourself in.